October 5, 2014

I really like this time of year. The temperatures are perfect, there always seems to be a nice breeze and my favorite foods are in season (pumpkin, squash, apples, beets, anything with cinnamon, etc). About this time of the year I can start to do really fun things with my CS students and the headlong rush of September is over. My daughter and her family are doing great, but my mother is not so great. She has CPOD and can barely breathe. Kurt and I are discussing what we want and need in a new house and Erik is busy researching and applying to colleges. I'll be an empty nester this time next year. I have applied to Gwynned Mercy University for a doctoral program in Educational Leadership that starts in January.

July 20, 2014

I just got home from a jam-packed week in Chicago! Jess and the grandkids came for most of it, so I got to spend some time with the family in between everything else going on. I started right out on Satuday morning stuffing bags for the conference. I had Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday to spend with the family, then some CSTA Board business on Sunday night, my POGIL Activity Writing workshop on Monday, two sessions on Tuesday, the Google CSP Summit on Wednesday, and the Board meeting on Thursday and Friday! It's great to see everybody, but I never seem to get enough sleep. I did get a chance to go to the Fermi Labs, but was not able to join Erik and Kurt on the smart kids tour. I'm glad they got to go though, since they only do it once a month! Lucky for us the timing worked out.

February 8, 2014

I always knew my life runs at a different pace during the school year, but WOW! Six months gone in a blink. My Fall semester is over, my Spring semester has begun and I'm already making plans for summer. I went to POGIL Facilitator training in Myrtle Beach last month and will be helping to facilitate a POGIL workshop at SIGCSE. I will also be doing the "POGIL is great for CS" thing at CSTA 2014 in Chicago in July. I am taking a break from working on POGIL activities for my Computer Science Principles class to update my site.

On the personal side - my big Christmas present this year was a surprise visit from my daughter and her family. Nothing quite like being woken up by your 3 year old grandson to make Christmas a little more special.

September 8, 2013

New school year is just started and I already feel like I'm behind in my paperwork! To complicate my personal life, I found out I am allergic to just about everything in beef fried rice. The final list is in and here is what I have to avoid like the plague for the next 6-8 weeks: banana, barley, beef, celery, cucumber, egg, garlic, goats milk, mushroom, onion, rice, and sesame. It's only been a couple of days and this is REALLY HARD! It seems like everything in creation contains at least one of these ingredients. It doesn't help that asian food had become my go to after I discovered I was lactose intolerant. Celery, onion and garlic are in every soup and stew known to man, eggs and/or barley is in every bread I've looked at (I can have biscuits), and sesame is in so many things I eat. I suspect I will be eating a lot of salads and doing most of my own cooking. I actually made my own spaghetti sauce last night.

August 23, 2013

Cedar Point with Jesse and the grandkids was a lot of fun! I rode just about every ride they have and the kids really enjoyed the water park. Gen Con delivered on its promise of four days of gaming. Kurt came in 7th in the world in Dominion. I guess now I don't have to feel bad when I lose to him in that game! We picked up a few new games and are looking forward to playing them with friends.

August 2, 2013

I'm really looking forward to going to Cedar Point and riding the rides! That will take second place, however, to watching my grandson's first amusement park visit! Since he's a total daredevil on the neighborhood playground I'm betting he's going to to LOVE the rides. Here's hoping .

July 7, 2013

Great time playing board games with friends (in air-conditioning!). We played 2 rounds of 7 Wonders plus Ticket to Ride, a stock-trading game called Wheedle and The Great Dalmuti. There was a time when we could kill a whole night playing The Great Dalmuti, but either we were playing it wrong, or it's just not as much fun in your 40's.

July 4, 2013

Great BBQ with the Babbs and when the bugs came out we went in to the Golden Apple and played Are You a Werewolf with a rotating cast of characters (anyone who was in the Pub at the time). It was a lot of fun and I think we may be ready for the Angel expansion.

June 29, 2013

Fathers and Sons D&D campaign. The boys are halfway through the Death's Reach campaign and are just blowing through the bad guys like the A Team they are! Demon from hell? Does 50 pts damage with one attack? Who cares - the cleric puts up a wall of divine stuff, the wizard conjures a ball of lightening and the assassin creates a cloud of poison. The ranger and fighter have little to do, but they do it for fun - against enemies who are dazed, restrained, immobilized and leaking hit points like a seive from all the ongoing damage. Summer is crazy busy, so we may not get together again until August.